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Dawn Donahue has been in the hospitality and meeting industry close to 40 years. Some say longer – she planned fundraisers, campaigns and educational seminars starting at the age of 4 according to teachers and family.

She has a hospitality background, is European trained in the food and beverage world, and is a speaker, educator, and a conference and meeting producer. Some highlights of her career: get 600+ chefs on sky train (public transport), to and from a lunch, as part of their conference, without losing one; produce a conference with attendees from 26 countries, with 16 languages, and have staff that spoke all 16 languages for the duration of the conference; plan and produce 11 sold out golf tournaments held over 5.5 days, raising over one million for charities; produce 230 meetings, across Canada, in 90 days.


Cascadia Educational Conference, Portland, Oregon - March 2016
2016 Cascadia Educational Conference, Portland, Oregon – March 12-15, 2016
cascadiaconferenceBreakout Session: Making Your Event an Adventure



This session will include event opportunities in adventure, beginning with the committee expectations, and move through the exciting cycle of event production, finishing with the Return on Investment for both sponsors and attendees.
Components of this workshop adventure are:

  • The importance of exploration and excitement for the committee, starting with content
  • A committee that is excited will bring that level of investment to the attendees
  • The importance of the event being fresh and new each year
  • Ensuring that a new theme isn’t masking the same old, same old year to year
  • Client education – inviting involvement from the client for the journey
  • Ensuring the clients’ involvement is in content, experiences, and rewards; not in operations (picking the colour of napkins isn’t involvement)
  • Unique ways to involve the audience, creating the adventure, including the use of local food and beverages, local flavours and experiences, transferable adventures regardless of venue
  • Are the education tracks an adventure in learning, or merely content filling space
  • How to continue the adventure through social media after the event is over
  • Is the return on investment an exciting adventure for the sponsor and attendees
  • Are the benefits enticing enough to keep everyone involved
  • The importance of a thank you
  • One can never say thank you too many times
  • Takeaways to keep your next event an adventure
Mountain West Studies Sales Workshop - 2015


A full day of interactive training left the MWS area managers inspired and excited for the new season.Focusing on creating a sales plan, with timelines and measurable returns, the MSW team left the sessions with actionable items.

Feedback from the sessions was immediate and positive. MSW team finished the day receptive to growth and new ideas, including the use of CRM software, changes in past sales calls techniques, improvement in recording calls and touch points, and buy-in to use of all resources available, managing the tools that work best for the individual audience and decision maker.

Conversations with the attendees carried forward into the New Year.Starting with the team identifying three rewarding attributes of their positions, then, identifying three challenges, the seminar was immediately interactive, with healthy discussions and actionable solutions. Followed by a discussion on the sales process (product knowledge, prospecting, the approach, needs assessment, the presentation, the close and follow-up), the day continued to keep all attendees invested in the outcome.

Finishing with insights into the personalities of great sales people the group continued the conversations with their team. (See Traits of Great Sales People PowerPoint Presentation)

Go Golf Conference & Events Management Inc (GGEM) has been invited back to host another full day workshop for the August 2016 managers three day educational workshop. GGEM will also be working with MWS on their trade shows, sales and marketing, and conference networking opportunities.

Speaker at Leaderboard Conference, MPI Conference - 2015
SeCloudscapession Description- Managing Client Expectations

Event management is about managing work processes and leading people. The technical skills of an event manager—the ability to organize the project and develop a scope, budget, and schedule—are critical to executing the event that will be on time, within budget, and to the clients specifications. However, the event will not be a success if the important stakeholders are unhappy with the results.

Managing client expectations is a critical skill in delivering good quality work, which both you and your clients are happy with. Client expectations tie directly into the level of satisfaction a client will receive from your work.

Client expectations are rising faster than a helium balloon untied. Expectations have evolved over time; however, with today’s technology, they have increased over the last few years at the speed of light – instant responses required.

See Session Presentation details.

  • Presenter for educational board and committee seminars – Festival of Chocolate
  • Mentorship – More Rewarding for the mentor
  • Leadership – I’ve got your back


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