HoneyBee Center

It was another amazing day and incredible event. The coordination and planning are always so well done. We both really enjoyed the day (and the dinner afterward)!
We’ll be there same time next year and please let me know if you have other events that would be a good fit for us.


Operations Manager

HoneyBee Center

Saccomaniacs Testimonials

What people were saying at the 2015 Saccomaniacs Golf Tournament …

Kealy’s Diamond Vodka “It meant a lot to see how much you put into the golf tourney for both yourKealysVodka_400 golfers and sponsors. Thanks a lot and glad to be a part of it!”

Slavic Rolls: “Always wonderful to be part of your tournaments – great people, attention to detail, and everyone loves the day. Thank you, Dawn!”  SlavicRollsDessertTruck

White Spot: “Dawn, thank you for all the attention you give your suppliers and sponsors. We love the detail, and the hard work and effort you put into every event.”WhiteSpotBurgerTruck

Leaders Invitational

Go Golf events worked very well with a diverse group of volunteers – both on the planning committee and on the course on the day of the tournament. Their dedication, work ethics, leadership and training created a cohesive team; the team came together year after year – now in its thirteenth year, and over 200 volunteers at the event.

Indianapolis Colts

Dawn is a go-getter. She can match everyone’s energy and is always looking to get your event ahead of the crowd. You can trust her experience and more importantly her instincts. Your golf event should run through her company. You’ll get results.
Vernon Creek

LTS LeaderBoard

“One of the best golf tournament planners I have ever met, world wide. We support over 3000 tournaments annually world wide. Dawn Donahue and Go Golf events lead the way in event planning, production, execution and attention to details. Actually, one of the best event producers and planners, regardless of event!”

Gerry Lev