Ten Questions to ask when hiring a Golf Tournament Planner or Producer

Do you know:

  1. The difference between a tee and a green?
  2. What a format is?   And can they name at least three tournament formats.
  3. What a drawsheet is?
  4. What the impact of a Par 3 in setting up your drawsheet?
  5. What a foursome or twosome registration is?
  6. What is golf cart staging?
  7. What is the difference between a walking and riding tournament?
  8. What food should be available at the turn?
  9. What is the pace of play?  And how does this impact your tournament.
  10. What is a KP?

 If your golf tournament planner cannot answer the above questions, they may be a great event planner, but they won’t be able to properly plan a golf tournament.

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