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Go Golf Events Management Inc. offers consulting services to ensure you start out in the correct direction. Call us in the very early stages of planning; we bring valuable experience and insights that can guide you through the initial steps. At the very earliest stages of planning, our expertise can assist your team in making knowledgeable decisions. We teach you what questions to ask.

Consulting services include strategic event planning, committee development, succession planning, budget development, sponsor development and benefits, fundraising, friend-raising, awareness campaigns, meeting management, and team development.



Dawn Donahue has been invited to speak on numerous occasions, with a     focus on Leadership, Event Development, Committee Development, Meeting Clients Expectations, and how to produce an event. From large to small groups, conferences to staff meetings, Donahue has been thanked for her straightforward insights and sharing of experiences.

Dawn has excellent insight into the people that she works with, and was able to bridge differences of opinion with tact and diplomacy, while showing leadership and guiding our group in the necessary direction for our event to be a success.

Lymphoma and Leukemia Society

“The 2009 West Coast Chocolate Festival was the best ever. Go Golf brought an amazing wealth of resources, partners, sponsors, and well trained, dedicated volunteers. Over 65 events well executed and profitable in 20 days. Incredible energy, leadership and guidance.”


West Coast Chocolate Festival Board

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