Dawn,  A quick note to let you know that the virtual AGM today was excellent. Congratulations, you hit the ball out of the park!!
Brad  Pope
Xypex Chemical Corporation

Dawn, A most professional event.  I was awed by how smoothly the transitions between committee reports and the live interface went.  Loved the way you did raffles too.  My association is not as involved as a group, nor do we have an annual meeting, otherwise I would talk to you about an event.

Dominic Di Cenzo, Executive Director
Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council

What attendees at the 2020 Concrete BC AGM said:
“Everything was good with the notices, preparation, format and viewing options”
“For a virtual AGM time dictates volume of content. Your time was perfect!!!:
“The AGM content is always pretty quick – even at in person conferences so I think the content was just fine”
“ I’m going to recommend this to my board.”
“I thought this was excellent. loved the business and the fun, a great mix”