GGEM PRODUCTION for 2020 Concrete BC AGM

Dawn,  A quick note to let you know that the virtual AGM today was excellent. Congratulations, you hit the ball out of the park!!
Brad  Pope
Xypex Chemical Corporation

Dawn, A most professional event.  I was awed by how smoothly the transitions between committee reports and the live interface went.  Loved the way you did raffles too.  My association is not as involved as a group, nor do we have an annual meeting, otherwise I would talk to you about an event.

Dominic Di Cenzo, Executive Director
Connecticut Concrete Promotion Council

What attendees at the 2020 Concrete BC AGM said:
“Everything was good with the notices, preparation, format and viewing options”
“For a virtual AGM time dictates volume of content. Your time was perfect!!!:
“The AGM content is always pretty quick – even at in person conferences so I think the content was just fine”
“ I’m going to recommend this to my board.”
“I thought this was excellent. loved the business and the fun, a great mix”

Great job at getting it done in 2020

Dawn: Great job at getting it done in 2020.  You did a great job creating a tournament with the restrictions you had to deal with. I think everyone appreciated having something to take their mind off all the stuff we are dealing with day to day to keep our businesses running and our people and families safe. Thanks for creating a new and fun event; see you in 2021.

Best Regards,
Mark Omelaniec, President
The Langley Concrete Group

Ag4Autism 2020 Tournament

Ag4Autism 2020 Tournament

Thanks Dawn! I want to say the 2020 tournament was great and we appreciated all that was done to make it the best day it could be.

John de Jonge, President, Artex Barn Solutions

Kind words from Good Time Drinks 2020

Hey Dawn,

Thank you so much for having us again at this amazing event. You do an amazing job and it truly is a such a fun thing we are able to to do every year. Again the response to or product and our team was so heart warming and enjoyable. Although we didnt get to see you on the actual day we are so humbled and grateful that you take the time to include us! The event went off without a hitch; everyone seemed to have a great time! Can’t wait till next year stay in touch.

Craig Rudder