Ag4Autism 2020 Tournament

Ag4Autism 2020 Tournament

Thanks Dawn! I want to say the 2020 tournament was great and we appreciated all that was done to make it the best day it could be.

John de Jonge, President, Artex Barn Solutions

Kind words from Good Time Drinks 2020

Hey Dawn,

Thank you so much for having us again at this amazing event. You do an amazing job and it truly is a such a fun thing we are able to to do every year. Again the response to or product and our team was so heart warming and enjoyable. Although we didnt get to see you on the actual day we are so humbled and grateful that you take the time to include us! The event went off without a hitch; everyone seemed to have a great time! Can’t wait till next year stay in touch.

Craig Rudder

The Golf Canon is a great addition to any tournament

The air canon is a great addition to any golf tournament. Best placed on a long Par 4 or difficult Par 5, this fun (and safe) air canon adds interest to any golf tournament.

Everyone loves the canon; it replaces the tee shot at this hole, speeds up the pace of play, and gives everyone a great tee shot. The canon is a turnkey activation: our experience canon masters help you pick the proper hole for your golf course, show up early, manage the hole, bring everything you need for your tournament.

A great sponsor activity or a fundraiser – you choose.

More Information on the Golf Canon

Ten Questions to ask when hiring a Golf Tournament Planner or Producer

Ten Questions to ask when hiring a Golf Tournament Planner or Producer

Do you know:

  1. The difference between a tee and a green?
  2. What a format is?   And can they name at least three tournament formats.
  3. What a drawsheet is?
  4. What the impact of a Par 3 in setting up your drawsheet?
  5. What a foursome or twosome registration is?
  6. What is golf cart staging?
  7. What is the difference between a walking and riding tournament?
  8. What food should be available at the turn?
  9. What is the pace of play?  And how does this impact your tournament.
  10. What is a KP?

 If your golf tournament planner cannot answer the above questions, they may be a great event planner, but they won’t be able to properly plan a golf tournament.

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Planned to a Tee

What types of golf courses and formats encourage faster play? 

… “Some of the events I like for groups with time-sensitive itineraries are breakfast, lunch or dinner with 9 holes, 18 holes of golf from the 150 to 175 yard markers, speed golf, a walking and running game where each player has only three clubs, and providing a teaching pro with each group for a set number of holes,” said Dawn Donahue, president and CEO for Go Golf Events Management in Vancouver, British Columbia.

One of Donahue’s favorite fun games is called Tombstone Golf, which allows golfers to end the round when a certain score is reached. “You pick a score such as 90 or 100, and the round ends no matter how many holes you play,” Donahue said. “For tournaments, this can be fun because we print individual twelve-inch-by-four-inch foam board tombstones, and when a golfer hits the predetermined score, they plant their tombstone and leave the course.”

Everyone Involved

Let’s face it, not everyone is enamored with golf, and there might be some meeting participants who don’t know a golf club from a baseball bat.

… “We’ll station non-golfers on par 3 holes that have some type of giveaway,” Cusick said. “We also create a hole where an emcee introduces the golfers, and the non-golfers cheer them on.”

Donahue said keeping non-golfers fully engaged allows them to network with golfers and then talk about the day later at the awards ceremony where they otherwise might feel left out. “There are so many things non-golfers can do, such as tend the flag on greens, rake sand traps, clean golf clubs before and after the round or perform as social media gurus taking photographs and videos to post or save for the participants,” Donahue said.

Planned to a Tee Article.