Hybrid & Virtual Event Production

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Hybrid & Virtual Events Production

Let’s take a look at exactly what a production company can do for you, and why you should bother hiring one.


Have a peak at a short timelapse video to show set up for a small hybrid meeting.


Setting up AV for a small hybrid meeting – 12 man hours compressed to 11 seconds.

  • Great work – Clark’s Audio Visual and Dione Costanzo
  • Pleased to report success all around. Happy Clients. Happy Staff.
  • Team work makes the dream work.
  • Thank you ClarksAV – Clark’s Audio Visual for your hard work and experienced staff.
  • The Go Golf Events Management team – loving what we do, doing what we love.


Another Great Auction

Congrats on another great auction. You guys do a great job. I also support a few other charity actions but yours is the best due to ease of bidding, variety of items, etc. Well done! Cheers, Jennifer, Roote Management