BC Food Processors Association Annual Golf Tournament & Dinner Banquet

• I have to say they was the best, most well organized and absolutely spectacular golf course and charity event I’ve ever been to. Started on time, finished on time and full value for the money. The tournament organizers should all be complimented for their work and effort. Dave Eto, Naturally Splendid

• I’ll MOST certainly be there in 2018 and definitely looking to invite a number of guests! Antonio Aleksandar Zivanovic – The ReFrame Group

• From a guest, the night of the tournament: Please send me all the info for next year’s tournament please, I would like to enter my own team.

• Enjoyed my golf team. Very creative, engaging tournament at every hole. In terms of organization, flow, schedule, quality of food & beverage 10/10. I’ll be back next year Glenn Dorey, Principal, Westwind Leadership

• I thought the tournament was great. Good job to all. I particularly liked the early tee off time and getting things wrapped up by 8pm. I also liked the breakfast – good networking opportunity. Jeff Zonneveld, Meadowfresh Dairy Corporation

• The tournament was excellent! It was well organized and a great venue – Brien Green, Layfield Group

• Thanks for the great day, it was a wonderful experience. Mark Johnson, Reliance Insurance

• Hi Dawn, That is great! I saw the photos on Facebook and they look amazing. Thank you very much for all your effort! SmartPep Canada

Chicken Golf Tournament for Canuck House – Dawn – I want to thank you for an outstanding event Monday. Granted, the weather always helps, but I would suggest that even under soggy conditions the day would have been a huge success.
The attention to detail by you and your volunteers was exceptional. The hole by hole local exposure eating/ drinking experience is one that I have never seen matched by any golf event I have attended in the past.
The one key point that I wish to comment on, however, was the reception/ dinner after the round of golf was finished.
This was fantastic. Yes, a little crowded at times, and yes, a little confusion as to whether this was just appetizers or the full dinner. But what it did allow for was to be in the tent for 6pm and already moving on to the auction event. No one had to finish their round of golf and wait an hour and a half to sit down, only to find out that they would be waiting some more before their table was called for the buffet. By 7:30, everything was wrapped up and ready to go.
Thanks again for a great day!

Chicken Golf Tournament for Canuck House – Hi Dawn; Had a great time and one of the best golf events I have been to. Well done! David Martens | Commercial & Agriculture Banking, Fraser Valley BC | RBC Royal Bank | Royal Bank of Canada |Tel: 604 855 5319 | Fax: 604 855 9671 | #200-31975 S.Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 1V5



Dawn Donahue gets things done at a standard that is seriously impressive – even by those with the same level of drive and determination. She knows how to connect the dots between sponsorship, marketing and logistics to create magical, seamless results. 


Christine Coletta, Owner ,
Okanagan Crush Pad Winery


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dawn for more than three years, through her leadership as Scholarship Chair for the BC Hospitality Foundation. She was also one of the founding committee members of what has become a vital support system for people that work in our industry. While most people know her as a peerless event producer, I’ll share that she continually inspires me with her tireless work ethic and keen attention to detail. But perhaps more than that, what I value most about Dawn is the way in which she cares for people, in a real and honest way. On the occasions where I faced a challenge in my work and required her expertise, she always made time for me, no matter how busy she was. I will always be grateful for her patient guidance and her intelligent counsel.

SUJINDER JUNEJA | Communications
BC Hospitality Foundation


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dawn Donahue and Go Golf Events for more than 15 years and throughout that time Dawn and her team have been professional, organized and passionate about each and every event she has been involved with.  From the smallest 50 person group to over 1000, Dawn gets the job done from beginning to end.  Challenges, and there are many, never seem to faze her and solutions are just around the corner.  Dawn has a great attitude and a smile on her face to greet each every person.

Cori German – VP
G&G Golf Company


Dawn is a passionate, helpful, happy warrior for your organization and for your event.  She meets you and your team and helps move you from good to great. She brings resources and guidance to the table but most importantly she brings a next level vision of   what your organizations event participants experience can be. A pro bono analysis of your event and face time meetings with your team are examples of how Dawn interacts and gets to know you and your goals!

I knew within minutes of meeting Dawn, she  would change how I accomplished my event goals.

Stephanie Nelson, Executive Director


“Go Golf Events stepped in and saved our event – an infusion of support, guidance, leadership, partnership, finances, resources and volunteers. Without them we would not have had an event, much less a successful event.”
Rick, LLS

Maria and Dawn created magic out of mist – a nonexistent budget for a fundraiser, and yet the Go Golf Team managed to create a gala dinner that successfully rivaled budgets of $100,000 plus. Their dedication and determination is a shining example to all of us and why we do what we do – help kids in times of need.

The best gala dinner we have ever seen – the partnerships you have created, the added value you brought to the event, amazing. how you created that event with so little budget – and had all sponsors and partners involved – the marks of a true professional.
Heidi Romich
Chair, BC Restaurant Hall of Fame

“One of the best golf tournament planners I have ever met, world wide. We support over 3000 tournaments annually world wide. Dawn Donahue and Go Golf events lead the way in event planning, production, execution and attention to details. Actually, one of the best event producers and planners, regardless of event!”

Gerry Lev

LTS LeaderBoard

Awesome organizer, awesome day, awesome people, awesome pictures. Simply awesome! Thanks for everything Dawn!


Blair Qualey

President & CEO, New Car Dealers Association of BC

Dawn is a go-getter. She can match everyone’s energy and is always looking to get your event ahead of the crowd. You can trust her experience and more importantly her instincts. Your golf event should run through her company. You’ll get results.

Vernon Cheek

Indianapolis Colts

Go Golf events worked very well with a diverse group of volunteers – both on the planning committee and on the course on the day of the tournament. Their dedication, work ethics, leadership and training created a cohesive team; the team came together year after year – now in its thirteenth year, and over 200 volunteers at the event.

Leaders Invitational

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